Hot Take
(noun) A quickly produced, strongly worded, and often deliberately provocative or sensational opinion or reaction (as in response to current news)
-Merriam Webster Dictionary

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Whether it's preferring skim milk over whole milk, claiming that Kimye will always reign as the best celebrity couple ever, or saying climate change is fake news, the First Amendment protects all of your opinions—even if they’re really unpopular.


#SaveTheHotTakes is what the First Amendment is all about. No matter how unpopular your hot take is, you’re free to express it. But don’t assume freedom of speech is a given. It’s not. So, let’s recognize the power and privilege the First Amendment provides us—even when we don’t agree with the speech it’s protecting.

Your voice matters. Your opinion matters. Your hot take matters.

Meet the #saveTheHottakes team




We’re a group of up-and-coming communications professionals in the Elon University School of Communications—and we're taking on the challenge of bringing awareness of the First Amendment to college campuses.


Led by Assistant Professor Michele Lashley, our Strategic Campaigns class worked around the clock to bring the #SaveTheHotTakes campaign to life. Specific roles included project managers, graphic designers, content creators, account executives, and publicists. 


Most of us are strategic communications majors. But we’re SUPER thankful for our communications design classmates who helped bring the #SaveTheHotTakes campaign to life visually. 


We’re so excited and proud to promote the First Amendment around campus and share its importance with other students. 


Let’s work together to #SaveTheHotTakes!